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Your virtual website and shopping mall will be seen by thousands as there is currently over 8000 business's listed on PriceNet and it is growing every day .

As the internet grows by millions of users and billions in revenues, there can be no doubt that the web is the future of commerce, however you don't have to stand by and merely watch. you can participate and profit - by joining thousands of others who are changing the way the world shops. how? By simply purchasing your own PriceNet Virtual Website and Online Mall. It's your site, personalised with youe name and photo or business name and logo. Your Virtual Website and online mall has back end credit card processing powered by ANZ E-Gate .You will also have famous name mall stores like Dymocks, Seaworld, D’Store and so many others. Customers can place orders around the clock and around the world. You are paid commissions on everything they purchase! There is no inventory to maintain, no shipping and no billing on your part since PriceNet handles all those things for you!

One great way to refer customers to your Virtual website and online Mall is to hand out referral cards with your own unique ID number. When customers log into your Virtual webite and make a purchase or enquiry, you are able to track how they came to you by the unique PriceNet referral number system. Its that simple.

Don't get left in the dust! Start your own Virtual Website and online Mall now! Register as a customer and check it out for yourself. or call us on 1300 661 655 for more info. We look forward to getting you started in your own internet business today.

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I hereby apply for the Virtual website and Online Mall with PriceNet .com Pty Ltd. I unconditionally agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement including the terms and conditions set forth in PriceNet's Policies and Procedures. I agree to participate in PriceNet's Virtual Website program for the price of AU$99 including GST. This package consists of: 1) the initial administrative set-up on PriceNet's processing service which, along with other supporting services, pays all online transactions on a weekly basis. 2) The use of online systems and resources.3) PriceNet E-commerce Support Department. 4) Shoppers Referral cards with unique access number. AU$99 including GST also includes retail e-commerce site and certification training. Certification is done by Independent Accounts Manager (IAM). I also understand that purchasing a Virtual Website is completely optional. I understand I may, as an alternative, purchase any services I require at a specific individual cost for each service PriceNet provides, and that the purchase of any or all of the training services and/or materials may be in excess of the AU$99 . I understand and agree that participation as an Virtual Website owner does NOT guarantee any income or assure any profits or success, and I certify to PriceNet that no such representations of income or success have been made to me by PriceNet or any Independent Agent, or I will notify PriceNet in writing of such representation(s) within seven (7) days of signing this Agreement.

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