When you become a PriceNet Mall Owner for $299 you will receive the following:

**Please visit our link to the Compensation Plans to view the details of the Compensation Plan associated with this stage of our program.

         Semi-Customisable Personal E-Commerce Mall   The Semi Customisable E-Commerce Mall is a take off of the PriceNet Super Mall, it is semi-customisable and will serve as your base for soliciting potential customers, new Mall Owners and Exclusive Vendors. You can personalise the virtual mall by entering your authorised administration section located on the become a Mall Owner page.  Simply "drive" your prospects to the Pricenet web site using your referral card thus enabling them to share in this lucrative business opportunity and ultimately, direct the prospect to the online business directory, E -Commerce stores or the Mall Owner and Vendor applications, locate on the PriceNet home page.

         Virtual Online Mall   Your online mall is ready for you to customise. If your business or family is looking for a home on the world wide web, you now have it through PriceNet.  As the lead product, you will be proud to send your business associates, friends and family to your customised mall hosted by PriceNet. It is easy to create your own mall once you have accessed the administration where you will also find the building tools and educational don't need to know HTML or any other programming language. You have the option to upload your own picture creating a more personal connection with the people you refer to your mall, write text on your own home page just the way you like it.  Think of all the possibilities for your online mall...share stories and photos with friends and family...keep in touch with your loved ones around the globe, promote your small business or home-based business to the entire world.

         Company Administration link   The PriceNet adminí is for members only with updates about our company, sales materials, company plans, and functions.  You have a secure area to view your online commissions reports and genealogy.  You will have real-time access of your status and growth in the Compensation Plans. PriceNet will also host Internet meetings within this part of the site.  You will be able to watch, hear and monitor live PriceNet meetings on the PriceNet Intranet.  There will be live motivational and training shows on the Internet hosted by our expert. This will allow you to share these shows with your prospects. (available January 7th 2002)

     1990 E-Points towards selected products  As a new member, you have the opportunity to purchase thousands of products from the PriceNetís Superstore.  This is not an affiliate program. These are name brand products PriceNet has put together for you to buy or sell at huge discounts off the original retail prices.  You will be given 1990 e-points used on selected products as discounts from the already slashed prices.  When you utilise these e-points, you will have saved up to double the amount you invested.




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